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Trials are inherently uncertain. Successful mediation resolves uncertainty in a manner that the parties agree to. WATLegal can help you achieve an outcome that is fair and just. Bill Tuthill has handled hundreds of disputes as both an advocate and a neutral. He has been an active member of the Colorado Bar Association’s Legal Fee Arbitration Committee for nearly 20 years, helping to resolve disputes in dozens of cases every year. He has participated in mediations involving claims in state and federal courts. As an experienced trial attorney, Mr. Tuthill knows that not every case should go to trial; he can help you find a resolution that satisfies your client.

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Not all employees get along with each other or treat each other right. Of those who don’t, most have trouble working out differences on their own. Grievances get filed, EEO charges are brought, lawsuits are threatened. In some cases, an investigation is required by law to protect the employer from certain claims. When you need an outside investigator to conduct an independent investigation of who said and did what and to whom, WATLegal can perform the job.

Bill Tuthill, WATLegal’s principal, has acted as chief legal advisor to organizations with thousands of employees. When employment disputes arise in your organization, Bill can help you get the full story.

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Let’s admit it. We all tend to be biased in favor of our own clients. As counselors and advocates, we want our clients to come out ahead. However, sometimes you need an unbiased evaluation before one gets made by a judge or jury. Use WATLegal to give you a reality check. We are prepared to meet with you, review the facts and the evidence, and provide an independent risk assessment of your situation. Use that third-party review to guide your course of action. Bill Tuthill has seen the various sides of hundreds of disputes. He is not connected to any of the parties in your matter, so he will give you an honest opinion.

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Do you have an important brief, motion, or response that you want to make the best you possibly can? Let WATLegal help. Put more than three decades of quality legal writing experience to work polishing and improving your work product.  Bring us your work and we will make it better. We can help restructure, simplify, and streamline your writing to make your points and crystalize your arguments.

Here’s how to get help:

  1. Contact us to discuss your project.
  2. Show us your current draft.
  3. We will propose a flat fee or hourly rate to make your product better.
  4. If we think it does not need work, we will let you know, at no charge.
  5. Once we make it better, you pay us.
  6. If you don’t think we made your written product better, you owe us nothing.  

WATLegal LLC was formed to provide services to clients that want assistance solving problems. The solution may be to act as an outside investigator, an experienced mediator and neutral, a consultant, or to help improve your legal writing. WATLegal wants to engage in creative problem-solving of your legal matters.

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  • (720) 498-4405
  • watuthill@gmail.com