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After graduating from Harvard Law School, Bill Tuthill spent his first year as a lawyer working as a law clerk for the Hon. Clarence A. Brimmer, Jr., Chief Judge of the United States District Court for the District of Wyoming. During that year, he learned something that was not taught in law school: people who decide legal disputes want to see outcomes that are fair and just. That lesson has tempered Bill’s entire career. When assessing a problem, he knows that the law ultimately favors an outcome that is fair and just. As an advocate, a counselor, and a neutral, he looks for solutions that meet these criteria.

Bill has spent time in private practice at a downtown Denver law firm, as an educator at the University of Puget Sound School of Law, and as a litigator and senior manager in two large municipal governments. He has handled numerous cases involving employment issues, civil rights matters, eminent domain, contracts, and open records law. In addition to his trial experience, he has briefed and argued cases before the Colorado Supreme Court, the Colorado Court of Appeals, and the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals. He was Counsel for District Attorney Dave Thomas in a case that was heard by the United States Supreme Court and decided in favor of Mr. Thomas and the State of Colorado. Mr. Tuthill handled many litigation matters resulting from the Columbine High School shootings, including lawsuits against the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department.

As an advocate, Mr. Tuthill has been involved in many settlement discussions and mediations. As a member and hearing officer of the Colorado Bar Association’s Legal Fee Arbitration Committee, he has participated in the resolution of hundreds of disputes that have been brought before the Committee. His experience in these areas reinforces his belief that “fair and just” outcomes are the objectives sought by all participants. Mr. Tuthill is currently an approved hearing officer for the City of Englewood, eligible to be appointed on a case-by-case basis to resolve various disputes that arise in the City.

Bill has authored innumerable briefs and motions. He received intense legal writing education prior to, and during, his work as a legal writing and advocacy instructor at the University of Puget Sound School of Law (now Seattle University). The University of Puget Sound School of Law was renowned for the strength of its legal writing program. Bill has presented a number of continuing legal education seminars on the topic of legal writing at both the Colorado County Attorneys Association and Colorado Municipal League conferences. He can take the work of others and make it better, easier to read, and simpler to follow.


WATLegal LLC was formed to provide services to clients that want assistance solving problems. The solution may be to act as an outside investigator, an experienced mediator and neutral, a consultant, or to help improve your legal writing. WATLegal wants to engage in creative problem-solving of your legal matters.

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